Teaching Material

Tib plat

Clinical Cases

  1. Tibial Plateau fractures & Knee dislocations
  2. Tibial Plateau fracture (2)
  3. Tibial shaft cases
  4. Tibial Plafond & syndesmosis
  5. Distal Femoral fractures
  6. Distal Femoral & patella fractures


Surgical Approaches – lower limb

Wound Coverage (1)

Recent Literature UPDATE


 Open Tibial Fractures of the Tibial Diaphysis


NB….BSUH BJJ letter

Fractures of the Tibial Plateau

Tib plat


Wound Coverage



Wound Coverage Techniques


Negative Pressure Wound Therapy/Vac Dressings


Biology of Bone Repair


Delayed/Non union of fractures


Bone Grafting & Bone Graft Substitute


External Fixation

Further Documents

LEAP study