Nov 2012 – Apr 2013

See below for 2012-2013 teaching timetable.If any of the specific links/documents fail to work click here or here


All documents/articles have been obtained/purchased via the membership/subscription to professional organisations and publishers.  They are for educational purposes only and copyright is held by the respective publishers. 





02/11/2012 NH MG

Talar Neck

Image 1

09/11/2012 LT MS

Elbow fracture/dislocations

Image 1

16/11/2012 DMR DY

Proximal Humerus


23/11/2012 LL DM

Open Fractures (Tibial)

Image 1

30/11/2012 SB SP

Femoral Neck Fractures


07/12/2012 CH KG

Paediatric Elbow

14/12/2012 MP WK

External Fixation

21/12/2012 MC/SK SY

Upper Cervical Spine

28/12/2012 AS VV

Non-Accidental Injury

04/01/2013 SC DY

 Trauma Physiology

11/01/2013 NH AC

Pelvic Ring Injury

(Initial Management)

18/01/2013 LT RF

Thoracolumbar Spinal

(re-scheduled to 15Feb 2013)

25/01/2013 DMR MG

Biology of Bone Repair

01/02/2013 SB MS

Hindfoot Ligament/Tendon Injuries 

08/02/2013 MP EL

Tibial Plateau Fractures

15/02/2013 CH RF

Thoracolumbar Spinal

22/02/2013 LL KJ

Carpal Injuries

01/03/2013 MC & IMcF KG

Bone grafting

08/03/2013 AS WK

Physeal Injuries

15/03/2013 SC SY

Fragility Fractures

22/03/2013 NH AC

Initial Trauma Management

29/03/2013 LT EL

Bank Holiday

05/04/2013 DMR & BR VV & EL

Journal Club & Research Update

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