Oct 2013 – Sept 2014

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04/10/2013 8 Dric IM (BR) DW (DB)

Research Update & Journal Club / Proximal Humerus Fractures/Dislocations

11/10/2013 1 CH EG AK

Fractures and Dislocations about the Elbow in the Paediatric Patient


18/10/2013 2 LL ME (DC) IR

Carpal Fractures and Dislocations

Scaphoid Image1

25/10/2013 3 SB PS PP

Ankle fractures

ankle fracture 1

01/11/2013 4 MP DC MG

Femoral Neck Fractures


08/11/2013 5 SC JG IR

Fractures of the Tibial Plateau

Tib plat

15/11/2013 6 NH SN EDA

Fractures of the Talus and Subtalar Dislocations

Image 1

22/11/2013 7 LT SK MCH

Fracture-Dislocations of the Elbow in Adults

Image 1

29/11/2013 8 Dric BR DB

Research Update &

Journal Club

Magazines BJJ journal club report – Nov 2013 Papers i) Internal Fixation of intracapsular fracture of the hip using a dynamic locking plate. M Parker et al BJJ Oct 2013 BJJ link

ii) Corail Uncemented hemi with Cathcart head for i/c NOF  Kendrick et all BJJ Nov 2013 BJJ link


06/12/2013 1 CH EG NHU

Non-Accidental Trauma (NAT) in Paediatric Patients

13/12/2013 2 LL IM KM

Fightbite injuries, tendon repair and healing

fight bite 1

20/12/2013 3 SB PS EL

Acute Management of Pelvic Ring Injuries


27/12/2013 4 MP DC DW

Upper Cervical Spine Injuries

c5 fracture

03/01/2014 5 SC JG AK

Biology of Bone Repair

10/01/2014 6 NH SN PP

Soft Tissue Ankle Injuries

Achilles tendon rupture

17/01/2014 7 LT SK PP

 Fractures and Dislocations of the Thoracolumbar Spine

24/01/2014 8 Dric BR MG

Research Update &

Journal Club

Magazines BJJ journal club report – AWAITED

Papers i) Raised levels of metal ions in the blood in patients who have undergone uncemented metal-on-polyethylene Trident–Accolade total hip replacement Craig et al Bone Joint J January 2014 96-B:4347

ii) Treatment of non-traumatic rotator cuff tears: A randomised controlled trial with one-year clinical results J. Kukkonen et al Bone Joint J January 2014 96-B:75-81. 


31/01/2014 1 CH EG SY

Physeal Injuries

07/02/2014 2 LL IM EDA

Delayed/Non union of fractures

14/02/2014 3 SB PS MCH

Osteoporotic Fractures

21/02/2014 4 MP DC DW

 Management of Polytrauma Patients

28/02/2014 5 SC JG NHU

Bone Grafting & Bone Graft Substitute

07/03/2014 6 NH SN KM

Wound Coverage


Wound Coverage Techniques

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy/Vac Dressings

14/03/2014 7 LT SK EL

Proximal Ulna Fractures

Prox ulna

21/03/2014 8 Dric BR DW

Research Update &

Journal Club

Magazines Paper The influence of age, gender and treatment with steroids on the incidence of osteonecrosis of the femoral head during the management of severe acute respiratory syndrome: A retrospective study.  K. J. Guo et al Bone Joint J February 2014 96-B:259-262.

  • Critique
  • Letter


28/03/2014 1 CH EG AK

 Intervertebral discs & spinal nerves

04/04/2014 2 BR CH IR

Wrist fractures

image1 image1.jpg




Hip, knee, elbow and Fracture

18/04/2014 4 MP DC MG  BANK HOLIDAY
25/04/2014 5 SC JG SY

Trauma Physiology

DCO, ARDS & VTE Physiology

02/05/2014 6 NH SN EDA

External Fixation

Upper Limb Ex Fx

09/05/2014 7 LT SK MCH


upper limb fractures


16/05/2014 8 Dric BR DW

Research Update &

Journal Club

Magazines Resources

23/05/2014 1 CH EG NHU

Fractures of the Shoulder Girdle

SCJ, ACJ, Clavicle & Scapula

30/05/2014 2 LL IM KM

Carpal & Metacarpal fractures/dislocations

06/06/2014 3 SB PS EL

 Hip dislocations &

femoral head fractures

hip dislocation1

13/06/2014 4 MP DC DB

Open Tibial Fractures of the Tibial Diaphysis

Image 1

BSUH BJJ letter

20/06/2014 5 SC JG AK

Fractures of the Patella & Distal Femur



27/06/2014 6 NH SN IR

Midfoot injuries

04/07/2014 7 LT SK PP

Articular cartilage, tendon and ligament healing

11/07/2014 8 Dric BR MG

Research Update & Journal Club

Magazines Resources

18/07/2014 1 CH EG SY

The Brachial Plexus & Its injuries


25/07/2014 2 LL IM EDA

Finger Infections & other injuries

01/08/2014 3 SB PS MCH

Acetabular Fractures

08/08/2014 4 MP DC DW

Injuries to Syndesmosis & Tibial Plafond

15/08/2014 5 SC JG NHU

Knee Dislocations

22/08/2014 6 NH SN KM




29/08/2014 7 LT SK EL

Fractures & dislocations of Cervical Spine


05/09/2014 8 Dric BR DB

Research Update & Journal Club



A) Percutaneous Fixation of distal radius fractures

BMJ Aug 2014

B) Calcaneal fracture management

BMj July 2014


12/09/2014 1 CH EG AK

Avascular necrosis

19/09/2014 2 LL IM IR

Pelvic fractures

26/09/2014 3 SB PS AK

Os Calcis Fractures / Achilles Tendon rupture


RCT; Operative versus non-operative treatment for closed, displaced, intra-articular fractures of the calcaneus

03/10/2014 4 MP DC MG
FRCS Ortho Exam Cases
Statistics and survivorship curves
MRI, X ray, US, CT, bone scan, DEXA scan
Topics for early repetition:
Ankle fractures
Femoral neck fractures

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